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Benefits of Telehealth for Kids with Autism

Telehealth is gaining fast popularity in the medical field. Telehealth acts as a bridge between patients and different medical practitioners. This platform has been launched in the field of applied behavior analysis to help people suffering from autism spectrum disorder. Patients suffering from autism spectrum disorder have a difficult time finding the right balance between social intervention and treatment. Telehealth programs have helped realize improvements amongst patients both in clinical settings and at home. The difference between telehealth and online face to face connection with family and friends is that one connects with their doctor instead. Because of telehealth, medical practitioners today are better able to identify triggers amongst kids diagnosed with autism since they get constant access to care. This article seeks to look at the benefits of telehealth for kids with autism.

Expansion of geography covered is one of the main benefits of telehealth in the field of applied behavior analysis for the treatment of autism. Before telehealth, a lot of autism practitioners had to decline patients who lived outside their travel areas. Some families would have to travel for hours to get services from autism practitioners, which is not sustainable. Telehealth is the only available solution because it allows remote supervision. Telehealth’s remote supervision ability has especially been of benefit to all children diagnosed with autism living in areas that do not have a lot of specialists.

Improved communication and supervision are other benefits of telehealth. The treatment of kids with autism is overseen by behavior analysts with board certifications. These analysts work hand in hand with behavior interventionists to ensure that treatment is being carried out as expected. Without telehealth, results have been slow because most behavior analysts are not able to make regular visits to their patients. Telehealth seeks to change all this by enabling practitioners to connect remotely, thus be part of more sessions. Through the remote connection offered by telehealth, medical practitioners are in better positions to talk to caregivers, give instructions and examine progress to see if their goals are achievable. Parents are also trained on how to help their children remotely through telehealth.

With telehealth, you can expect better results in shorter timeframes. This is because of the open line of communication provided by telehealth between practitioners, patients, and caregivers. Through remote supervision, behavior analysts can identify areas that are not working in their patients’ treatment plans and make the necessary changes with ease, and this is the main reason why treatment is more effective with telehealth. There have been a lot of success stories because of telehealth, which is why service providers are looking at expansion to cater to the needs of more patients.

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